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Does Your Headshot Grab Attention?

Casting directors used to receive hundreds of 8 by 10 paper head shots, but now technology has made this process more efficient and environmentally friendly. Now, casting can search for talent by scrolling through thumbnails. With this improved method of the casting selection, you do not want to be left behind. You want your photo to grab the attention of casting directors. Let's discuss a few tips in order to accomplish this.

First, casting needs to be able to see your face clearly. Avoid filters, selfies and poses that restrict showing your full face. Second, ensure that your head shot is clear and taken in a well-lit room. There is nothing more frustrating then viewing a photo that is unclear, blurry or dark. Third, take your photo against a solid background. The idea is to avoid background distractions with the aim of making yourself the focal point of attention. Lastly, let's talk about wardrobe. Avoid logos and clothing that is busy with design as it can be distracting. Instead wear solid, neutral and trendy clothing. Keep facial hair groomed and hair well-kept and stylish.

Considering these tips can do wonders for your career!


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